[ST Edge] Custom capability pushButton not showing

I’m trying to create a custom capability to perform an identification of a device. I went through the instructions posted on the communities and also tried to add a device config presentation, but so far no luck. Maybe someone of the community can point out what I’m missing in my setup?

Thanks in advanced!

This is the code I’m using for my custom capability


name: Identification
version: 1
attributes: {}
    name: identify
    arguments: []
id: [namespace].identification

Capability presentation

  - label: Identify
    displayType: pushButton
      command: identify
    state: null
id: [namespace].identification
version: 1

You can query platinummassive43262.bypass as a working example.

Nothing jumps out at me in what you’ve posted, other than that I’ve never tried creating a capability presentation with the dashboard and automation sections completely missing. I’ve always at least put in an empty section like below. But again, I haven’t tried the other way to know if it’s a problem.

  conditions: []
  actions: []

Are you changing your capability name each time you try? There are still caching issues with capability presentations, so if you’ve previously gone all the way through to creating a device config then you should consider that capability name as dead to you. I usually hold off on creating the capability with the name I really want to use until I have it working with a throwaway name.

How can I query it ?

I am having the same issue. Well, sort of.
The pushbutton appears only in the dashboard, not in the details.
And when click it, it does nothing.

The issue that @k.v.riel had turned out to be the same problem that others had reported (and is now fixed) where an error with their namespaces prevented any of their capabilities from displaying in the app. We attempted to work through his problem over PM, and I think his example in the top post would have worked except for that error.

You can query any capability or capability presentation in the CLI the same way that you would query your own:

smartthings capabilities platinummassive43262.bypass -j
smartthings capabilities:presentation platinummassive43262.bypass -j

You can also export the capability to file if you want to use it as a starting point for your own:

smartthings capabilities platinummassive43262.bypass -j -o cap.json
smartthings capabilities:presentation platinummassive43262.bypass -j -o cap_pres.json
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