Push Button Capability with Label

Is there a way to create a capability with a pushButton display type that also has a label? I’m looking to create something similar to a momentary button, but the capability is rendered differently. I copied the momentary presentation, so I am assuming ST is doing something custom here. In my simplest case, I just want a label and a button that performs a command. See my capability vs momentary with the same presentation. I don’t see any way to add the additional status next to the button, or why the button is styled differently.

I believe it is not currently possible showing a label or a “status” in the pushButton capability because it has never appeared for me either.
I’ll ask the corresponding team about that and let you know.

Thanks @nayelyz . I am going to go with a toggleSwitch in standby mode. It has a label. The only difference is the button. I’ll just have to fake an off state for now. Thanks again

@nayelyz Any update on this? I keep running into a need to press a button and just execute a command. I have a state, but there is no ‘off’ command. This is related to my other question about a statelessPowerToggle. This is needed for actions that are started but can’t be stopped or undone.

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Just FYI, I’ve had a modicum of success with textbuttons. They look ok if you have more than 1 action

I already asked the team what’s the progress about this request but so far I have no updates. I’ll keep you posted.

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