[ST Edge] Bond Bridge LAN [BETA]

Published 2022-07-

  • Updates for resolving IP address after a switch on the Bond bridge

The long delay issue appears to be a garbage collection issue for sockets in the Edge driver layer. ST confirmed the issue and has a fix on the way. That behavior should resolve itself when they update the hub firmware.

Thanks so much. This edge driver is awesome and works wonderfully for me.

Thanks again

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I moved my ST Hub and Bond to a new subnet (they’re on the same one) and the driver is not reconnecting, I assume due to the new IP address. Will I need to delete and reinstall everything to resolve or is there another way?

You shouldn’t need to delete anything. It should rediscover the new address as long as the bond is visible from the ST hub. If it doesn’t find it, you can try restarting the ST hub which will restart the driver.

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Apparently I had never enrolled to your beta Channel from the alpha and did not have the latest version. All is well now!

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Makes sense. IP rediscovery was added during the beta. :+1:

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I’d just like to say thank you so much for this driver. It always works perfectly. I just ditched my last Hampton Bay ZigBee ceiling fan controller (which no one here would develope a driver for ) in favor of another Smart by Bond controller I found on eBay. All 4 humming along perfectly with your driver. Only thing missing is a breeze mode toggle… No big deal as the ZigBee fan dth never had it either.


Thanks @troy_owens

I’ll check the docs again on breeze mode and see if I can add it without having a device that supports it.

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Published 2022-09-

  • Bug fixes for discovery and prep for ST Edge rollout

Published 2022-10-

  • Updated network error codes for ST
  • Fixed auto reconnect for unreachable hub

Hi -

I just came across this thread. I have a Bond Bridge that is current controlling my Somfy shades. Using the old “link account” method in SmartThings all of the shade controls show up.

I just installed the edge drivers for @blueyetisoftware’s Bond Bridge LAN and followed the instructions. The Bridge shows up, but none of the shades show up. This is the version of the driver that I am seeing. No one else seems to be having this issue - so I am assuming user error here. Any hints?

Shades should work, but I’d be happy to followup via PM. My initial guess is a pairing problem with the bridge during discovery. I assume you followed the instructions where you had to press the button on the Bond during discovery. It is also possible that you need to run discovery multiple times. Drivers have a limited amount of time to find devices and sometimes the bond takes a bit of time to pair. We have to get paired before we can find anything else. Is it the Bond Bridge or the Bond Bridge Pro? If it is the non-pro, you can check the pairing by going into the device screen and trying to adjust the brightness of the light ring. If this works, the bridge is paired. Let me know :+1:

The dimmer on the device screen is just the broken cloud icon, so I’m assuming it didn’t pair.

It’s a Bond, not the Bond Pro. The instructions for the Bond say “Bridge - Power cycle the bridge and wait for the light ring to turn solid blue” … I’m not aware if there is a button on the bond for discovery. I can certainly go look.

when you power cycle and get the solid blue light on the bond bridge, select scan in the ST app. The developer also has an Edge Driver for Hue which has the button. :wink:

Thanks. There are many hubs with buttons. :slight_smile:

For the Bond, you do need to power cycle the basic version. There is no button. The Pro version does have a button, so I’ll take partial credit.

Closing the loop on the report. He does have a different issue that was resolved by manually pairing the bridge in the settings. I am investigating why the auto pairing did not work in his case.


Published 2022-11-

  • Add support for preset position to shades and blinds
  • Change dashboard icon for generic IR blasters
  • Change dashboard icon for fireplaces
  • Updates to network recovery if pairing to the Bond bridge is lost
  • Bridge and devices will show as offline if pairing is lost

You are rocking it @blueyetisoftware - thanks for putting in all the hard work. It’s working like magic on the Somfy shades… I feel confident enough to turn off the ZRTSI now and uninstall it from my SmartThings

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@uberrob Can you let me know how well it works with the Somfy RTS shades? Thinking of suggesting this as an option for people asking our support team; especially since the ZRTSI is being discontinued. I am going to test in person but can’t do it for a few weeks, unfortunately.

You could send me a bunch of free zebra blinds and I’ll make sure it’s perfect :slight_smile:

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Lol, it’s definitely something I can look into. Quick question, is your integration using the $99 bond bridge or the bond bridge pro? The bondhome.io site shows limited options on the $99 bridge and “Smart Home Integrations” which I am assuming is access to their API is only shown for the Pro model.