[ST Edge] Bond Bridge LAN [BETA]

Ok, switched to 5-14-22 and it does not work with 43


Push the patch to the Beta channel and logs can be captured for you to see it on v43. The current version isn’t working, so atleast we can get you some feedback if its pushed here before everyone starts hitting v43, which looks like May 24th.

Published 2022-05-

  • Bundles patched version of socket.http
  • Updates to ST platform json library
  • Updates to driver logging

Thanks! That works on 43.

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I can confirm on v43.03 it is working now.

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I randomly keep catching Bond Bridge and the fans offline in ST App, screen refresh has been fixing it so far.

Physical local controls (switches, button, etc…) bring it back online also.

I’ve logged onto to logcat when this has happened, unfortunately as soon as it connects to Bond it goes online in ST App, so not data can be grabbed.

The only thing I have found was in the IDE Hub events log where a device called “BB” is not responding. I’m assuming this must be Bond Bridge as I don’t have a device named that and Placeholders have no info…just a heads up.
@jkp are you by any chance having this happen or seen it?

I have not seen this with mine.

Are you refreshing the bridge device, or the fan devices? When a bridge goes offline, all of the connected devices go with it. For an individual fan to go offline, you would need to remove it from the Bond app. If you see everything go offline, then that started with the hub.

If you have a SBB fan, those have a built in interface of their own, so they can individually go offline. They don’t use a central bridge.

For the bridge to offline, it would need to miss its expected hearbeat response. If it is responding slowly, or not at all, it would go “offline”. However, actions would still continue to work. Check for the heartbeat in the logs by searching for this. It should ping once a minute. The PING is the driver broadcasting. The RECEIVE is the bridge replying.

2022-05-21T18:08:35.913781670+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN  PING 192.168.0.XX:30007
2022-05-21T18:08:35.923940670+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN  Bond Bridge device thread event handled
2022-05-21T18:08:36.156597004+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN  RECEIVE 192.168.0.XX:30007 {"B":"ZZXXXXXXX","d":0,"v":"v2.28.0"}
 <Device: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Bond Bridge)>
2022-05-21T18:08:36.297620004+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN  GET http://192.168.0.XX/v2/devices 200

That’s awesome. Does it ever come back on it’s own without you refreshing or taking action?

I believe it may, but any local contol obviously turns it back on like switches, button press, etc…
Whether it comes and goes online/offline on its own without intervention, that I do not know.

I’m sure there must be some kind of pattern to it.

EDIT: I think I found the pattern and hopefully you can figure it out. Sent the info to you.

Can you verify your Bond version? It will show in your logs like this with the v attribute:

RECEIVE 192.168.0.XX:30007 {"B":"ZZXXXXXXX","d":0,"v":"v2.28.0"}
 <Device: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Bond Bridge)>

or you can find it in the Bond app.

I have v2.28.0

Thanks. So you have that plus v43 ST firmware and you are working. I am test v2.28.0 with v42 ST and it is also working. @K_White is using the beta version of both and seeing this disconnect/reconnect every 7 minutes.

Yes… firmware 43.3. I checked the event logs for all my Bond devices and bridge… there are no indications of any being offline or other errors for the past week. I have not seen any offline messages in the ST app and I have been checking frequently over past few days.

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In the IDE or cli, because the IDE shows no events of it for me? I’m catching the offline behavior in the app and the cli.
Devices are working, but Bridge and Fans are going offline. Screen swipe refreshing brings the Bridge back online.

What I’m seeing is it going offline every 7 minutes then online for 7 minutes with no intervention on my part.

IDE… I haven’t got to the point of setting up CLI yet.

Been checking the app for the past 20+ minutes and none have switched to offline in that time.

Okay on the cli part, I had to catch it by opening the Windows ST Beta app while I was on the computer doing other stuff and verifying it was doing the same in the Android app at the same time.

Well…with my phone doing an android software update yesterday morning and the ST hub doing an update last night (8PM ish) and another at 1:00am it seems too have fixed the 7 minute disconnect cycle. Ran the cli for 1/2 hour on Bond it was fine and haven’t caught it on the app offline either.

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With this driver I noticed that the fan is shown as a light in Google Home. With the old cloud based Smartthings device the fan is shown as a switch.

The issue is when I tell Google to turn off the lights in a room the fan will also be turned off. Is there any way to change the device type to switch as with the old Bond integration?

Also, I noticed that the fan light does not get exposed to Google Home. With the cloud integration the fan light shows up as a second device which is what I would expect so that I can get individual control of each device.

I believe this is a bug in Google Home that assumes all devices with switches should be treated as lights. The edge driver adds a switch capability to the fan to enable simple on/off control without modifying the fan speed.

This is also another issue with Google Home. It doesn’t support multi-component devices. The edge driver treats fan/light combos as a single device with multiple components. This keeps the device count down and allows the driver to be more efficient. It also allows ST to reflect the reality of it being a single device.