[ST Edge] Bond Bridge LAN [BETA]

I have 3 fan/light combos on a bond bridge and have not seen any offline for several weeks now.

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Thank you for your work on these drivers, love this one as well as the Hue driver, both are amazing! Two questions on this one:

  1. I added 3 fans from my Bond Bridge successfully and I can control the fan lights and speed from ST without issue, however I’ve noticed that when creating automations in ST, I can use the fan light as a trigger, but I can’t as an action, only the fan portion. Is this by design, and if not, is it possible to add the fan lights as an action for automations?

  2. I had 2 other devices in my Bond bridge, a fireplace and an IR remote command. When I did the scan after adding the driver, it showed that these devices were imported, however, I can’t find them anywhere in ST. I don’t have a No Room Assigned room, and it didn’t add them to the room my Bond Bridge is in, or any other room. As mentioned above, my fans are showing up just fine. Not a big deal as I have other ways to control these devices, but anyone else run into this where devices other than fans aren’t showing up in ST?

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I checked this and it looks fine to me. There are a bunch of different device profiles, so it may be an issue with a specific profile. Can you DM me some screenshots of the device details and automation screens?

I haven’t figured out ST’s logic for adding these yet. The driver doesn’t have control over where these are created. That is up to ST. I have seen it do 3 different things:

  1. Create the devices in the same room as the ST hub
  2. Create the devices in the current room when adding them
  3. Create the devices under “no room assigned”

If you can’t find it there, I would search for the devices by name. Go to the devices screen, hit the room menu and choose “all devices”. Then from there you can search by name.

Thanks for the speedy response! I’m not sure if I’m gathering the device details shots you need, please let me know if there’s any others you need. Thank you for your help!

I’ve included:

Screenshot of options when selecting IF in ST automations for Desk Fan showing Fan & Light options
Screenshot of options when selecting THEN in ST automations for Desk Fan only showing Fan options
Device Settings for Desk Fan from Bond Bridge
Bond Bridge Edge Driver Info
Options Shown When Selecting Desk Fan in ST
Options Shown When Selecting Bond Bridge in ST (don’t know if this is part of the issue, installed driver yesterday but it still shows that upload is not complete

That looks like a bug with the iOS app. The android app shows the options for both, and the driver defines both for the automations. It’s probably a UI problem with the iOS app for devices that have multiple components. Can someone with an iPhone verify this on their device? If so, we can report it to ST.

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Yes, it is an iOS bug that only allows you to see the the parent switch/relay.

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Thanks @NickA . @gflik123 Looks like that issue is already known to ST. I would just hang on and wait for them to fix the app.

Thanks everyone, appreciate the help!

Hi there, im on Android and im seeing offline devices again. It took about a week to occur since the last time i had all of my devices online.

Hi there,
Just installed your driver, previously had bond pinked as a service but some devices wouldn’t update so I gave your driver a try. At first I couldn’t access any fans, nor the bridge itself, I was getting the error that “device needs to update, check later”. I then updated firmware on bond device to latest beta and manually pasted the token, all devices started working. That was yesterday, today all fans besides bond bridge itself show offline. After I send any command through bond app, they come back online in ST.

I had 1 fan/light offline this morning but the others were still working. Sending a command from the Bond app brought it back online.

I believe the ST platform has changed something about UDP broadcasts in a recent firmware release. I do not see this issue, so it is probably dependent on the network setup. If someone experiencing this issue can get me a log of it going from online to offline, I could easily see what occurred. If I don’t get a log file, I plan to release a modified version of the driver to try to workaround this behavior.

Bond Bridge 2023-05-

  • Temporary modifications to workaround the “offline” devices that have started popping up. If you have devices that go offline, but the bridge itself is online, please let me know. I also need to know if the devices are Smart-By-Bond (SBB) or if you are using a Bond Bridge.

I have had problems with Bond devices going offline, but until just now I could bring them back online by activating a Routine or Scene. Now all devices show properly online, but none (including the Bridges themselves) are functional.

All my devices are running off 2 Bond Bridges using the latest firmware, and it appears they are using your 2023-04-10 edge drivers in ST.

I would glady send you logs if you could instruct me how to acquire logs? I know just enough about all this just to be dangerous.

Thank for all your effort with this.

I would just wait for the 5-8 driver and let me know if you see different behavior

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Hi, i’m still having an issue with devices going offline. One of my fans (bind bridge controleld) went offline few days ago and I cant get it back even with the “changing settings in bond app” trick. I’d be happy to provide log, but where can I see it?

Please wait for the 5-8 driver above. If it goes offline after that, please DM me and we can grab logs.

A bit confused what you mean by wait, will it auto install, or do I have to remove and reinstall the driver? Is there a date I should be waiting for?

I have had trouble for a while now regarding the off line status issue. I noticed today that my devices have remained on line for nearly 24 hours which is a significant improvement. I do have the 05-08 driver and since that has loaded things are much better.

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I deleted and reinstalled the driver, all seems to work now. Sometimes I find that the fans are out of synch with the bond state.