[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

I have old hub V2 and I can’t add Aqara contact Sensor I do not have problem with motion Sensor and before 2 month I have add with this edge drivers a contract sensor on Hub V3

Is anyone here that have add Aqara contact sensor on V2?


ON V3 still add Aqara contact Sensor I still I can’t in V2 hub

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Good afternoon, @ygerlovin kindly add the fingerprint to the Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver [YG] , the Aqara P1 door and window sensor, model MCCGQ13LM, is zigbee 3.0. I am sending the link to the Aqara P1 Door and window sensor and also attached is the print of the Zigbee Thing fingerprint of this Aqara sensor model.


Just re-pair Aqara contact sensor (also called door/window sensor) to V2 hub. It took some time, but eventually everything works and the sensor paired successfully. No problems found. @ygerlovin driver.


Thanks for your help I will search the drivers maybe I have an other driver for the same product and make the problem?

I must search

Do you delete the device first or directly re pair again?

I Deleted the device and the DHT before re-pair

trying my luck…

I bought this device: aliexpress
Model is: TS0601 __TZE204_ztc6g

I found this from hubitat forums: [RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus - Custom Drivers - Hubitat
Sensor has rich capabilities such as presence detection, LUX level, distance measurement, Combined Radar and PIR sensor

This is the ultimate sensor IMO, would be awesome to see support added!



This is the same one I got! Hoping to see something for it soon since it is quite cheap and handy.

The module finger print is:

Model: TS0601

Here is a screenshot from ZigBee Thing

@ygerlovin , @iquix , @zambobmaz , can you please help ? a Log will be send


The aqara motion sensor P1 driver seems to support setting detection interval and sensitive level but when I tried it doesn’t do anything but show some generic error message after some waiting. Is this expected?

Here are some logs from different sensor _TZE200_ikvncluo but have exactly the same features as _TZE204_ztc6ggyl. Sent by @jw970065

@iquix , @ygerlovin and maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo for your review.
Please note that this is the same for the following sensors , you can add them all to same driver:

fingerprint: [{modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_ikvncluo'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_lyetpprm'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_jva8ink8'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_holel4dk'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_wukb7rhc'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE204_ztc6ggyl'},
            {modelID: 'TS0601', manufacturerName: '_TZE200_ztc6ggyl'}],
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I wonder if someone could add a fingerprint for this roller blind motor from aqara.

I’ve been trying to get it work with smartthings hub, but no luck. It connects as a zigbee window treatment, but does not respond to any commands.

Thanks a lot.

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That’s really good news. Thank you.
When the development of the edge driver is completed, I will proceed with the test with the sensors I have.

The above information includes all the information of the sensors I have.
I asked my friends to let me know about the additional things that I need to register. They will request registration directly through comments.


Seems like @Mariano_Colmenarejo did something with this motor.
Check here:


I wonder when the edge driver of the Tuya presence detection sensor will be completed.

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I wander too…
I have all the information required. I made some reverse engineering and know what is transmitted and reciecved from each zigbee cluster and EF00 cluster . I believe that you and me have an available sensor for immediate integration and debugging. My problem is, I don’t know any sw developer for zigbee driver that can deal with cluster EF00…
Maybe you know…

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The same behaviour i experience also…

Actually I found similar discussion about the behavior of aqara motion p1 for another platform and realized that you have to press the reset button (not holding it to reset but just to wake it up) right after you set the values in the app. This seems to work for me when updating the sensitivity level, at least the spinning goes away in a second or two after I do that. However I still can’t adjust the detection interval from the ST app. With the pressing button trick it doesn’t spin anymore but the value doesn’t persist and always jump back to 30secs which is the default. I think there could be some error logging but I haven’t tried to retrieve them, will do once I have some time. Cc @ygerlovin

I’m also interested in learning edge driver/lua thing (python/js programmer here). I’d start with this device if there is a shared repository for the edge driver of this motion sensor already but I didn’t find one. Maybe I’ll buy some other device that has a public driver code to start with then.

Take a look in this github.

there are some source files for motion different motion sensors… I hope this will give you some clues

Are you aware of any efforts to create edge driver for the Tuya human presence sensor? I’m not certain of the correct part number as I’m just looking at this as possible addition to my system and do not have one at this point. It is the mmwave sensor available on Aliexpress.

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