[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

Hi yakov, can you try add this tuya soil sensor (humidity and temp), i think its like other tuya sensor that you add.

Hi Yakov,

Thank you for providing these edge drivers.

Sometimes my Xiaomi door and window sensors incorrectly report open or closed due to switch bounce as the door opens/closes. In groovy was able to modify the device handler so it would parse the proprietary hourly check in message and update the sensor status. This way if the hub missed the open or close transmission the sensor status would self correct within an hour. Is something like this possible with the edge drivers?

Trying to get logs, but I’m lost.

I downloaded the CLI file, unpacked it in de CMD folder. But now?
Get the file out of the folder into the Default CMD folder?
What downloaded archive? How do I get that?

Hi, just purchase Aqara PIR RTCGQ11LM to use with ST v2 hub. Pairing with ST is ok. Enrolled in the driver and install “Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver [YG] 1.8.16”. However, it never reports any motion.

Not sure that in IDE which Type do I need to select from the drop-down menu? There are many motion-related names.


Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right audience but I’ll try. I want to add a zigbee no neutral switch but all of them (moes, zemismart, aqara,…) require tuya or aqara hub. Is there a chance, any of them to added correctly to the ST?

Aqara Single Switch T1 no neutral
I have this one.

I have Zemismart both neutral and no neutral light switches. All work fine with Smartthings.

Did the remove and re-pair the device. Now it works ok. FYI it is shown in IDE as placeholder.

@Roy_R and @Kenny_C much appreciated.

Yakov, can you please try add the Blitzwolf BW-IS3 zigbee sensor?

Not sure if this is the right topic. I have a a tuya ZigBee mmwave presence sensor I’d like to get working. Let me know if any other info is needed to get driver’s for it. Thanks!

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Any chance we could get the sensitivity setting added for the vibration sensor please? Mine seems to be on the least sensitive setting on Edge compared to DTH.

I don’t have this sensor anymore. It was destroyed when my mailbox was run over, which is what it was attached to.

I just got the updated cube, and have no luck syncing it up.

Any chance of adding it to the back log to add, and anything I can provide to help with compatibility?

@ygerlovin are you able to develop some features to drive be able to configure:

  1. Event type (tilt/drop/vibration)
  2. Configurable sensor sensitivity (low/medium/high)

To Aqara Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM), if you be able to, could count on me to test the versions and feed you back.

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How do i change the fingerprint in the DH for a device that is not custom DH?

For example, I have 8 Danfoss LC13 thermostats, and disconnect one to change to edge driver, and left the 7 others on DH.
But it will not connect again at all by search nearby.
Maybe because both DH and ED is available for the device.

I don’t know, the web Ide is blocked now. And when I re-pair devices they just get connected to DTH. So I’ll be waiting until Samsung will migrate all the devices


No need i found a solution :smiley:

hi… no reply?

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No answer about the door and window Aqara P1 Sesnor. I haven’t had an answer so far.

For other users that search. The Fingerprint:

Manufacturer: _TZE200_myd45weu
Model: TS0601

Link to product:

Tuya Zigbee Wireless Soil Moisture Meter Temperature Humidity Tester Plant Monitor IP67 Waterproof Detector for Garden Planting

@OferDV can you please send some logs regarding this product. @iquix , @zambobmaz , @ygerlovin can you please also try to help