ST does not recognize phone being away or home

Yesterday after I left the house was the last time ST recognized that my phone left the house. Once I came home, it did not recognize me being home. I then later in the evening left home again and same thing, there is no log that it noticed my phone leaving or later returning back to the house.
This morning, same thing, left house and the last log still showing notice from yesterday morning when I left home.
I checked my “Away” mode, it still showing my phone to be recognized when I leave or return home.

Why hast it stopped working, recognizing, tracking my phone?

Best thing to do is get in touch with support. In the mean time. Here are something to check/do. Possible your ST app crashed. Reboot your phone.
Did you turn your WiFi or location off?
Did you log in on multiple devices with the same account?
When you are out of the geofence. Open up the App and see if that will trigger the away mode.
I find most of my problem was caused by the phone.

Possible your ST app crashed.- I can open ST app no problem.

Did you turn your WiFi or location off? - My location is on, but my WiFi is off, I usually don’t run WiFi on.

Did you log in on multiple devices with the same account? - No, at present time I only have one device, one account.

When you are out of the geofence. Open up the App and see if that will trigger the away mode.I find most of my problem was caused by the phone. I tried that, just now seating at my work location, some 15 miles away and no, the phone did not go into “Away” mode. When I clicked on the Away, it registered it no problem.

Having same issue with Samsung-S3. Last ACTIVE 15 hours ago, has been INACTIVE ever since. Rebooted phone a few time, used GPS and GPS with WiFi but still having issues. Somehow it updated 15 hours ago but I have not been able to repeat that scenario. Reading your issue online possibly supports that it is NOT my phone, but again, that is always a possible scenario. I think I read about this issue in a previous post so I figured I would wait while ST sorts out some issues with the new V2 Hub release.

The geo location is the major thing why I switched from Z-Wave hub to ST. If ST does not recognize when I am home and when I am not, then its worthless to me.

I think we should wait things out, I just rebooted phone again and not only is my phone AWAY but my new ST Arrival Sensor (which hasn’t left my house since I set it up last night) also says that I am AWAY. On another note, I setup the Arrival Sensor last night and it it already reporting Battery at 88% (from 100%). Update, as I am typing this note my arrival sensor just changed status to PRESENT but the Phone still shows me as AWAY.

using phone as presence sensor is unreliable at best. may want to search, some have come up with work-arounds (@JDRoberts for example)

I wouldn’t say it’s always unreliable. It works almost perfectly for me and my husband.

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@SFBayArea_OLD. I had the same issue on my wife’s phone the other day. I use the same account for my phone and my wife’s phone as presences sensor. On Monday her phone stop detecting her presence ALL DAY. She left and returned multiple times that day too without her presence triggering.

Troubleshoot: I rebooted her phone, WIFI was ON, GPS was ON and the GPS location showed she was home within range of the hub.

Fix: Last thing I did was on her phone, I log out of the ST app and re-log back into the app. Right away I got a notification that she has arrive home. And it’s been working ever since.

Have you tried logging out of the app and logging back in to test if that will fix it?

I will try logging out of the app.

I would say rather that many of the forms of arrival detection are dependent on many local variables. They will work great for some people, not at all for other people, and with varying degrees of success for others.

Some people do find that just standard phone based geopresence works well for them. Others find the zigbee arrival sensor works well at their house. There’s no predicting in advance.

In my own case, the phone was too wide a distance, and the zigbee arrival sensor keeps losing contact with the hub. So I ended up adding Ibeacons into the mix and a two device approach to handle the bounce from the Zigbee sensor.

All of the suggestions in this thread have been good. Sometimes it does just require a minor adjustment to the phone, or the addition of a service like life 360. I know they’re busy, but I would still reach out to support at SmartThings and see if they can help.

Then if you decide you want to start investigating other presence detection methods, there are many discussed in the forums. :sunglasses:

This is one of the things on mine and wife’s phone which always works. 2-3 failures in more than one year but for platform issues if any during those failures. Always triggers precisely at the same spot while leaving or arriving home. iOS.

Forgive me if this was already asked but have you confirmed that your phone is indeed reporting a correct GPS location. If not, try checking the “power saving” features of your phone. As the battery runs down, this features may be messing with your GPS capabilities. Every phone is different so that may not be your problem but I thought it was worth your looking into it further. See if others with your specific phone / model / firmware have experienced similar issues holding onto their GPS location.

Yep, phone reporting accurate GPS location and I never turn on battery saver mode on the phone, plus early in the morning my phone is always charged 100% when I leave house.

FWIW I have found the cell presence to be quite reliable for me (Sammy S4), my sons Iphone not so much; he has to carry a fob.
One strange attribute is my older son who comes to visit every month or so (S6). When he leaves, often times ST says he has never left. The cure, oddly enough, is to change his picture in the ST app; after that ST does a refresh of his location and it shows him properly away.,

Before ST, I typically kept the Location Services features of my phone off but when I read Edgar’s post last week, I wanted to help out and turned the services back on with High Accuracy (GPS, WiFi & Mobile networks). At first, It took me a few reboots to finally get the GPS to work (which it did for about 2 days). When it doesn’t work it typically shows me as PRESENT while I was really AWAY. This morning I woke up and the message switched to AWAY but unfortunately I was really PRESENT.

Wife’s iPhone stopped reporting presence on March 19. I’ve installed laters iOS, checked that her phone knows she’s home. All are good but ST still thinks she’s away. Any new ides out ther?.