How to see what my location is

I was wondering if there is any way for me to see where the ST hub thinks I am. I have a few automatons that work while I’m not home, then one that turns on certain lights when I arrive home. For the past couple weeks, it randomly starts acting like I’m not home, and when I check, it shows the location as set to away, which this changes depending on if my phone is home or not. The other day, I’m sitting at home, and suddenly the lights came on that are supposed to come on when I arrive home. I just looked, and it shows the location set to away. I changed it, and it immediately changed it back. But when I track my phone (outside of ST) it shows me at home. No I don’t know what ST is going by.

Unfortunately the mobile presence device state isn’t visible in the new app. Some people are adding a virtual switch and then having an automation update that switch when mobile presence arrives/leaves. I’d start by widening your geofence to see if that helps.

I use Life360 and the mobile presence and validate both before taking actions.

I’ve been using this setup for almost two years and only recently had the issue. But, I figured it out, at least partially.

I have the router from my ISP, then my own router after that. I had some issues with my ISP router until I moved a few months ago and they gave me a new one. In re-arranging things to the new house, I connected the ST hub to the ISP router a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t given this a second thought before. But when i moved it back to my router, now it works. But what I don’t under stand is not only is it the same network, but even when i connected my phone to the same router, it still didn’t work.

And my understanding is that St is using the location that my phone is reporting to it.