Away using cell phone as a presence device not working (Sept 2019)

In the past few months, my wife and my phone are not triggering us as away qhen using the phones as presence devices. We are using the ST Classic app. It was working fine for years til recently. Any ideas? Obviously the ST classic app hasn’t been updated for a year, so that’s not it. Thanks, Derek

did either of you happen to install the new app and enable location services for it?

Hi Derek,

you can set up a ticket here:

Have a great day!

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I had my Android’s presence sensor stop working. In my case, I have 2 hubs at 2 locations on the same ST account. The presence sensor had been working well at my primary location. It “broke” when I enabled presence sensing at my secondary location.

I was able to fix it, for the primary location at least, by removing and then re-adding it. Haven’t been back to the secondary location so I don’t know if that “broke” when I fixed the primary.

No. I did attempt playing with this today as a fix for the problem, but not previously, so that isn’t the cause.

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