ST Best CCTV OutDoor Camera options?


I have posted before regards to thermostats. But i need further support.
Looking at CCTV cameras for out doors, 2 cameras at least, which will integrate well with Samsungs Smart Things. Want to be able to view live feeds, and any recorded instances when the motion sensor triggers this (which will also alert me via STs). The motion sensor would be preferable built into the camera, but open to discussion. I do have a NAS box which I could use for storage instead of cloud base solutions.

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If you want to view the clips inside of the SmartThings mobile app, there are only a few models that are compatible. I think the Arlo is probably the most popular.

There are a lot of community members using other cameras in other ways, so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of responses. :sunglasses:


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Is the Blink integration seamless? Or is the setup more complicated than the Arlo Camers?

Hi @SCGolf80,

I am a little biased, however I would still recommend BLINK for your home security and surveillance. I have had both 1st Arlo and then Blink. And Blink is the Last Man Standing! Arlo is a pain in my opinion. Even though they seem to have similar or as other Arlo owners will probably chime in will tell you better capabilities, they fall short of user expectations.

Battery life is better and is more inexpensive with Blink as opposed to Arlo.
Blink uses 2xAA(Non-rechargeable) batteries which can last up to 2 years in standard use cases. And don’t require a power cable even though they do have a micro USB port in the back and as I confirm can be also powered by a 5V Solar panel for outdoor uses.
Arlo uses a proprietary battery which if you want to have more than one for quick battery swaps will set you back some $$. And are more power hungry than Blink. Also confirmed by me in a head to head test at the same location on my active driveway.

The Cloud storage is FREE all the time.

Blink has now a complete monitored solution which will be release by end of summer; but you can get on their pre-order list. You can use them for home owner’s insurance discount in other words!
Arlo has no such solution.

Blink has a much nicer form factor especially for their indoor model which because of the lack of wires can be Truly place anywhere in your house with WIFI signal.

Oh yes! Almost forgotten: Blink is releasing a Sync module with Battery backup and a built in Cellular radio which will be your back up connection to your house if or when your Internet goes out or a Power Outage happens in your house/AREA.

Check out @RBoy thread where you can find more answers from the community.


So what do I need to purchase to use 2 blink cameras. One inside one outside?


It depends on your needs. How many Zones do you need to cover?
And as for Outdoor zones, do they have shelter from the elements (owning) or open to the elements.
For Outdoors, both on my driveway and on my deck, I have a roof or shelter and thus can use an indoor Blink camera to save a few $$. However, if you don’t have that, you have the option to buy their XT camera(s) for Outdoor use.
Here is the screenshot of the basics.
Note: Security Yard sign is optional but you may want to get it as it will be a deterrent for burglars.

Also @SCGolf80,

Here is a $25 referal link:

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Thanks. That is what is was looking at. So as far as making these work with the smart things hub/app is that fairly straight forward? I see how to add devices but not sure how to add a device that is not listed. Are you able to setup security alerts inside SmartThings with the blink cameras?

Thanks again for you help!

The setup is staight forwared if you have used the ST IDE before. However, if you ever need help go direclty to the Blink thread I refered to and you can get all the support you will need from myself and the @RBoy and everyone else for that matter. You are really never a lone on ST community and we will help if you need it.
As for the @RBoy integration, there is a one time fee to get to his Blink DH/Managment app, but that is outwaid to what you will actually have access to. On his site, you will have access to numerous apps/DH which I can vouch for are very useful.
Check it Out.

Also, here is the link to more info for the comming Blink Home Security system:

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Blink is an excellent hassle free wireless option. However the clips are on the cloud and not local (you can download to your phone using the Blink app).

If you want to use your NAS you may want something like a Foscam R2 or C1 which gives you the abiiity to transfer the video recordings directly to local storage. It also has motion detection and video recording etc but it requires a wired power. Foscam can also be integrated into SmartThings.

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The Blink camera requires a wired connection for motion detection or one of the other options? Where do I go to pay for your integration with ST?

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PM @RBoy and he will walk you through the subscription.

Blink cammeras don’t require any wires and are acrivated by the sync module wirelessly.

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Can the Foscam C1 be used outdoors?

Here is the guide to know better: