ST approach for dealing with power failures

I just got through 13-hour power outage, so by the time the power was [temporarily] restored, all of the backup power for my hub internet, etc. was discharged. When power came on, the response was fairly chaotic, some stuff randomly turned on, and some stayed off, and at least so far, most of the scheduling of things is all screwed up. So my big question is if there is a systemic way to ensure the device state post power failure? I know some devices (mainly ZOOZ products), have a state that can be set, most don’t have this function. Also I don’t know how state can be reset (Does the ZOOZ power DIY failure detector setup help force the state?)? I’m curious how others deal with this.

There’s a community how to on this topic. It’s old but still valid and has been updated for the new 2023 architecture.

How to: Planning for Outages

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Thanks- I found several other topics, but not this one. Still seems like plan C (plan B was to have Internet/ST, cable modem on a UPS, which worked for about 1-2 hours), will require some effort…

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