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Due to winter storms, I have lost power three (now four) times this week. Somethings on ST don’t have the correct state when the power comes back on. For example, even if my wife and I are home, the presence sensors shows us arriving when the power comes back on.

There could be a CoRE variable of power_loss which could be checked before performing other actions. The question would be how to set the variable reliably.

Assuming that there is a reliable way to set such a variable, in order for anything to work you need your hub and your internet gateway to survive the power loss (i.e. keep going after the power went out). Which means you should get a UPS for your hub. In which case you might not need the method to begin with :wink: my hub runs on a UPS that can keep everything (routers, switches, NAS, etc) up for over 90 minutes…

On of the power outages this week was 14 hours.

A 1500VA UPS for the hub and router only may very well be able to go that length. Just guesstimating…

Besides that, you don’t get 14h outages every day. A UPS will prevent 90-95% of these outages affecting you, I believe you can survive the longer ones once in a while. Besides, at 14h, the hub is the least of your problems, right? :wink:

I had a transformer blow out a few months ago on our street, lost power for about 6 hours. I remade all my pistons with a virtual switch for power. The switch itself is turned on by an Android phone running tasker and sharp tools. So when power goes out, tasker turns the switch to on in sharptools, and controls my pistons. My modem, router and ST are on a ups that will go for about 10 hours.

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There is at least one or two devices that sense power. Add global variable in CoRE equals success.

Correct, but UPS is a requirement of any solution that implies a self-aware ST hub :smiley: Because without power to the hub and the internet gateway (be it router, modem, and all equipment along the way :smiley:

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