Power surge / failure

ST v2. Latest firmware update yesterday 8/11/17.

Had a recent power surge / failure for 30 seconds or so.

Why in the world does the ST light turn BLUE, and after using the utilities to SEND A REBOOT command, it doesn’t reboot then GREEN?

I had to physically use the reset button on the back of it for it to work?

This is useless when I am away.

Yes, I will get another power surge protector / battery backup to solve it for the most part…but still wondering why the nature after a power failure not to reboot itself etc on it’s own versus having to physically reboot with rear button.

Blue means “attempting to connect to ST”. I doubt it that issuing a reset request while the hub is not connected (light is not green) has any effect at all?

Not to mention, why would you even need to reboot it after a power hiccup? I never have and it has always worked fine for me. It has batteries so it doesn’t even lose power when a power outage occurs.

Rebooted because it was blue for about 10 minutes. Since new firmware, I noticed reboot time as decreased and after rebooting after waiting about 10 minutes, it turned green less than a minute after doing so. Must have been a weird hiccup with connecting back to the Internet even after waiting for broadband and router to reinitialize.

Good to know after power failure and losing internet, that ST will resume normally as intended.

I will get a battery backup / surge protector for the whole router/ST/switch etc.