ST app is crashing every single time

Alot of things going on in This Thread are part of this problem. The app is failing to access my hub and crashing on every screen. I physically rebooted my hub and restarted my phone. No luck. Please help.

There’s a connectivity issue in North America right now. ST published a notice maybe 30 min ago. I assume that’s what’s doing it…I’m having the same issue.

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Yeah down.

Tried connecting to, got this:

HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity

The good news - it’s not your hub :slight_smile:

Cool thanks Ryan,

I was hoping to find some sort of notice. was unable too.

Getting same issues here so glad to know it is not something on my network going nuts, lol

It’s been a while, but I believe you can subscribe your email address and they’ll send you email notifications when stuff like that his happens…at least you stay somewhat in the loop?

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And also provides an RSS feed. I use the convenient extension for Chrome:

So for those of us who don’t use RSS or Chrome, where can we subscribe with our email address to stay in the loop for this kind of stuff? Thanks

You can use an email and a phone number. I received a text with a notification, but me being well me, decided to ignore it, check ST’s IDE, then post about it not working :joy:

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The subscribe button is on the top right of the status page.

Also affected. I can navigate within the app, but I get unexpected and other errors every time I change pages, and none of my devices populated. So much for improving stability. At least support responded and acknowledged it quickly, and they did update the status before I even knew about it this time.

It should say, “something went VERY wrong…”

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Unreliable Smartthings back at it again. What was it last time when the servers were overloaded…3-5 weeks of instability and connection losses/slowness?

As of 10 min ago my app is crashign again