ST_Anything Transmitting Data, but ST not receiving it


I’m just getting started with ST_Anything and I’ve hit a roadblock. I have the ESP8266-multiples sketch running on my NodeMCU with a DS18B20 temperature sensor, and the Arduino serial monitor is showing the temperature being read.

I made the following changes to the sketch:

  • SSID and password set.

  • device IP address set

  • gateway IP address set

  • subnet mask as original 255,255,255,0

  • DNS Server IP set

  • Server port 8090 opened for this device

  • Smartthings hub IP set. It’s not a static IP, but it doesn’t seem to change and should be ok for testing.

  • hub port is 39500 (not changed from sketch)

The ST_Anything device handlers were installed to the Smartthings IDE from github.

Devices temperature1 and switch1 (nothing actually connected to ESP8266 yet) were created with those names. I have put various things in the “device id” box, which do not change.

I have no options under the final box for group, so I left that box blank.

No data is being received for the temperature sensor, and if I click the switch in the Smartthings app, I get either [TURNING ON] or [TURNING OFF] which never change to OFF or ON.

I can see the ESP8266 is sending packets out periodically, but it appears that it’s not communicating to the Smartthings hub. Any ideas?

One factor might be our 2.4GHz network and 5GHz networks are bridged at layer 2 - all devices on either network can see each other, and there are not separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks to log into.

Thanks for any suggestions!


My first suggestion would be to go to the author thread for that project and add a post there linking back to this thread and then the people who are using that code will see it and be able to help. :sunglasses:

Is your ST Hub running firmware v27.8? That version was released yesterday and was supposed to include a fix for receiving data on port 39500 which was broken in 27.6.

Try rebooting your hub to see if that restores the functionality. This has helped users prior to 27.6.

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Hold on… did you manually create these devices? If so, delete them both from SmartThings.

Instead, create a ST_Anything Parent Ethernet device in the ST Web IDE per the ReadMe instructions. Then use the ST Classic App to configure the Parent device’s settings, as per the ReadMe. :wink:

The child devices are created automatically.

Thanks Dan. That sounds like where I screwed up.

I’ll give that a try when I get home. Thanks for the quick reply!

That was exactly the problem. Thanks for the rapid assist!

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Great! Glad to hear you have it working.

Now the fun can begin :wink: With ST_Anything, IFTTT and Webcore, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for providing an awesome program to the community.

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