ESP8266 TLS Communication

I am trying to setup a pressure sensor using a ESP8266 with Arduino IDE. I am trying to send a Get commands from the ESP8266 to I have a smartapp setup to accept the Get commands. I think my problem is the ESP8266 can only to TLS 1.1 and smartthings uses TLS 1.2. Is that correct?

I would like the esp8266 to be able to update it status and not rely on ST polling. Most code of device types I see for devices that use network communication(particle photon, arduino w/ethernet, esp8266, pi) have to poll the device and parse the data that the device sends. I would like the device to send updates to ST and not rely on polling. If I have a contact sensor for a door I want to know the moment the door opens. This is why I am taking the approach I am using a smartapp.

Edit: I see your post and I’m going to play around with your example and report back.

I am currently doing that with the photon. Garage door remote, back garage door, and temp on the photon. Separate zwave senor on the actual garage door. Didn’t feel like running a wire from it.

I have the esp8266 talking to smartthings via polling. Just need to figure out of to keep the connection open. I had to convert the port and up to hex.