ST Anything Multiples ESP8266WiFi and Finger Print Sensor Conflict

Hi Everyone

I am looking for some help please :slight_smile:

I have a NODEMCU8266 connected to Smartthings using Dan’s amazing libraries ::pray: - ST_Anything_Multiples_ESP8266WiFi . I have only the hold-able button configured which i was going to change LOW/HIGH/LOW when a successful fingerprint is read:

#define PIN_BUTTON_1 D6

Just the core ST_Anything code works perfect with Smartthings and D6.

Then i merge in the source code from separate 8266 project into the code , that is 100% functional. A fingerprint reader connected to the HW 8266 TX & RX , and a mini OLED SSD1306 display I2C on pins D1 & D2 which display text when a successful finger print is read.

When i merge the code in ST_Anything the D6 stops responding to state changes to Smartthings, but is still on-line with Smartthings reporting RSSI etc.

If i comment out one line in the main Loop where it gets the finger print it all works again the contact state change on D6 is detected and reported to Smartthings. There are only two lines in the Loop()

getFingerprintIDez(); // non blocking

The fingerprint is a non blocking call to a function which calls the standard Adafruit_Fingerprint_Sensor_Library .

I have also commented out all the Serial debugs in case there were conflicts

Also set the st::Everything::debug = false; to avoid conflicts with the HW Serial.

Any ideas please would be fantastic , maybe there is a conflict somewhere, or maybe i should be using another ST_Anything library , or I am missing something fundamental (very probable) thanks.


There are a ton of “Serial.print()” commands in ST_Anything, and the baudrate is set to 115200 by default.

If I were you, I’d use a Software Serial device for the fingerprint library to see if that fixes the issue. This way you can also choose the Tx/Rx pins to avoid conflicts.

Hi Dan

Thanks for the quick answer, I should of mentioned i used the Software Serial first and wondered if that was causing the issue so switch to hardware serial and moved from custom tx rx pins to the 8266 hw pins, but it behaves the same. The fingerprint reader is 57600 baud rate which is all configured in setup ok and doesn’t stop the contact state change detection until I try and talk to the finger print sensor . I could move the functionality off to an arduino and trigger the 8266 ST anything but it would be nice to find the problem :slight_smile: