ST_Anything and WEMOS D1 mini Board (ESP8266)... HELP!

I also wants to contribute in your repository, if you allow me…

I’m a Developer too.
I belong more to the industrial networks, PLC, HMI, Vision Systems and Robots Programming… but I really love this little things called "arduino IDE " and its really cheap price!!

I’ll write an specific guide step-by-step (with some pictures) of how to implement/use your library using Wemos D1 Mini Board (I think it should work for any ESP8266 too!).

You can add this to your repository to help others if you wants to. I know that all the information is there, on the readme file. But maybe some pictures and specifics guide for an specific Board would really help too!!

Again, thanks for the help!!

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Sure! Always happy to have some help with documentation!

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