SS Temp/Hum Sensor with ST compatible thermostat


I am new to the home automation community and decided to take the leap when my old thermostat died. I looked at internet enabled units and decided on the EB3 because of the remote sensors that could assist in equalizing temperatures throughout the house. Unfortunately, neither of 2 units worked.

I have an ST Hub I was hoping to integrate with the EB3. Now I would like to use the ST Hub to read temps from SS Temp/Hum Sensors throughout the house and control the Tstat.

Would the ST Hub be able to achieve this integration, and what would be a good Tstat for this configuration?

Thanks, and please forgive me for missing earlier posts.

Check out the “keep me cozy” app in smart setup. I think this does what you want.

Very cool.

Would anyone like to nominate a thermostat for a SmartThing setup?

Does EB3 = ecobee3 ? I’m curious what isn’t working? I am currently trying to decide between the 3 and the Si. I’m thinking the si + temp sensor + keep me cozy app could accomplish similar results for 50 less…

If it’s ecobee then I would reach out to STs support as they are supported if I remember correctly

The Si will work out of the gate and we expect to support the ecobee 3 soon as well.

Anyone wanting to integrate a thermostat into their SmartThings configuration might want to consider the reliability of what’s on the market. The EcoBee si is a proven product. But . . .

EB3 does mean EcoBee3. It is an attractive thermostat, visually and supposedly functionally. I have two units that do not work as they should. One only calls for cool and fan. The other one only calls for fan. There is no regulation. Measuring voltages from Unit 1 shows yellow and green at 24 V on boot. Unit 2 has 24 V at green on boot.

My technician believes both units are faulty and pointed out that the EcoBee3 is a new product and may have some bugs to work out. Everyone says that it is unlikely for two units to be bad – I agree. EcoBee says it must be my equipment. My technician showed me that the HVAC works as it should. Given a sample of 2, with both bad, what’s the likelihood that the next one would be good?

There is much drama in my story. If you have any difficulty, connect the thermostat directly to
the HVAC terminals, bypassing the building wiring.

I hope others have better luck.

Hi bobogo. I have recently installed a couple Ecobee3 units to go along with my other Ecobee SI units. I will say that the problem you are seeing might be related to the auto sensing setup feature of the Ecobee3. This new unit is a smart bit of kit and does not have the std. fixed wire output capabilities of other units of the past. This is the part that senses where you have the wires hooked up and then guesses what type of hardware you have and how it should send voltages to outputs when it is calling for heat and for cooling. The first time I setup my thermostats, the sensing got the locations of my wires correct but did not get the type of equipment correct. All seemed fine until it called for heat and didn’t actually provide the proper output to turn on the boiler. In my case it thought it was a “furnace” and provided the inappropriate output to the wires and the furnace did not come on. I would double check that setup because as you mentioned, it is very unlikely that two units would have a problem like you are describing if it was indeed a hardware issue.

Hi Greg,

I am glad you had success. In my case, using the reconfigure equipment option did not help.

As there are other reports of faulty units posted elsewhere, the manufacturer is clearly not producing perfect units all the time. There may be batches with more failures than others. Receiving two faulty units from a distributor with a high-fault batch is more likely than from one with a standard batch.

On the bright side, Ecobee did refund my money.

Moving forward, I hope to read more stories like yours than mine.


That is a bummer. Autosensing wire hookup and SSR’s in the new Ecobee3 are the bigger differences between the older SI and the new one. Perhaps the problem with the units are in these new areas. At least they stood behind their product and refunded your money. Hopefully they get it sorted out.

Ended up picking up the ecobee3 - everything working great so far!

@lobo5519 Does it integrate with the same functionality as nest does with ST? Do you know if it can be used with IFTTT to control a wemo switch?

Not sure of the details of smartthings + nest exactly. but the ecobee integration is official as opposed to nest.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t trust smartthings to control my heat at this point anyway.

No IFTTT support right now - rumor is - it’s being worked on.

Just replaced both our thermostats with the Ecobee 3 yesterday. So far so good! The unit itself functions as expected, the sensing of where we are in the house works much better than I expected, and the app is great. I’m a tad disappointed with the ST integration as right now I’m using the basic ecobee app, but given how new it is, I expect full EB3 integration will come soon.

What I look forward to most is using IFTTT to set the ecobee to away/sleep based on when my smart things knows I’m away or sleeping (presence sensors, etc).