Speaker companion repeating custom messages twice in new smartthings android app

I’ve been using speaker companion to make verbal announncements on my sonos speakers when a particular trigger is set such as ‘Lights off’ when a particular philips hue bulb turn off using a custom message.

The problem is since switching to the new app, each custom message now repeats itself twice. How can I force the custom message to only play once when triggered? or can anyone suggest another way to trigger custom messages to sonos speakers by various events?

I have not used speaker companion so I can’t assist with that question.

As for an alternative method,you can create an automation to perform the task…

Device status → light turns turns off
Notify someone → play message on speaker

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That was nice & simple, thanks.

is there anyway you can change the volume of the tts voice?

Also in automation. Choose your speaker and set volume.