Speaker Companion alternative needed. Please help

Hello there,

Until last week, I successfully used Speaker Companion smartapp to play audible alerts on a pair of Sonos speakers (Play:1 & One Gen 2). As this smartapp will no longer be supported, I started creating the routines directly in ST. But I am dealing with a HUGE issue; all the audible alerts are played at a loud volume that I can’t modify. Volume set to either 15%, 50%, 80%, or 100% won’t make any difference. The speakers’ physical volume buttons won’t work either.

Attached is a screenshot of one routine in ST

Help needed. Thanks in advance.

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try removing the “Speaker” part under Then.

in “Play message on speaker” select the speakers inside it and test to check the speaker volume.

so it should look like:
Play message on speaker

You can also try SharpTools Rules Engine

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it didn’t make any difference; still can’t manage the volume. I am afraid Sharptools is not an option for me.

If this is a change in an official feature, I would try reporting it to support.

There’s a “contact us” option in the SmartThings app, or if you are in the US, you can use the following options: