Speaker Companion volume control?

Using Speaker Companion, with a Sonos One, I have it set to “Temporarily increase volume”, but the increase is not temporary. The volume will be at that same increase when I play music.

I’ve been looking for this feature since I first got into Smartthings. I had kept my Honeywell alarm in place to simply play “beep beep beep, the front door opened” and similar sounds for other doors and windows. With the Sonos wifi speaker I can do this and more, love it. My only issue is that the volume level stays at the temporarily increase level, so when play music later I have to immediately turn the volume down.

That would only happen if your are currently playing something I believe. The temporarily switch level is for if you are playing something it will switch to the new level before resuming what you were playing before. But since you’re not playing anything, it doesn’t.
You could set up webcore to routinely turn the volume on your speaker to a certain level to prevent it from being too loud when you play miusic.