Space heater on smart switch

I have done a lot of searching and I cannot find anywhere saying that a 1500 W space heater is OK or not OK on a smart switch. Is this too much wattage? Will I fry the switch? This is the switch I’m using.
Although I have plenty of other types that I could use.

Assuming North American power standards and a 20a circuit… Should be fine.

Ohms law says that a 1500w heater draws about 12.5 amps on a 120v circuit. As long as the switch handles more than that and can handle the startuo suge from the fan. You’re fine.

Also. I’ve one on a GE wall outlet in my bedroom automated against thd differences from my main home thermostat for about two years. I also have that exact device on my washing machine to monitor power draw.

I tried a couple of outlets that’s all rated 15 amp for a portal space heater. Despite all rated 15 amp, not all perform consistent (I’m not electrical engineer, so I don’t know the detail), some just turns off on its own when the space heater is set on high (I have low, medium, high settings).

Zooz ZEN15 is what I ended up with that performs consistently on my space heater Low Setting. I also use another on my Water Boiler (1000W) and its fine. It has an LED light that indicates amount of power drawn (blue low, red hot, and other colors in between), and has metering feature in SmartThings. The only negative is from time to time, I get ghost spike usage (not sure why). But overall its been good.

Here I have the same problem with ghost spike usage

The only negative is from time to time, I get ghost spike usage (not sure why).

It’s from a Neo CoolCam powerplug, only one has this problem, don’t know how to reset / solve the amazing -21747807,0 kWh.