Space heater being connected to a smart outlet

Can a space heater be connected to a smart outlet. Just curious of the wattage requirements for the smart outlet.

I’ve been using mine with a space heater and the Virtual Thermostat SmartApp since I got my system last month. No problems so far. The outlet states 1500 watt maximum and that is what my heater is rated. I’ve been hoping they’ll get the metering function of the outlet working so I can verify how much power the heater is actually drawing.

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Thank you so much. Just wanted to make sure. Also the energy metering function would be great.

Mine runs a rather large mini frig without a problem.

Update: My heater was not running last night. I removed the smart outlet from the equation and it works fine. The outlet will not control a lamp, either. It is still detected by the system and I can hear the relay click on/off. Guess I’ll have to get with support.

The SmartOutlets in general seem to producing problems and issues for a lot of people. I’d definitely get with support.

On a call I was on with some of the higher ups they were surprised I hadn’t had issues with my outlet. It seems in general they have been a support nightmare for them.

Support did not seem surprised I had a problem with the outlet, they’re going to send me a Z-wave device to replace it.