Iris Smart Plug...... Amps?

I have googled, I have opened and read the box and the back of the plug, I called Lowes… no where can I find out the amps for this plug. Any ideas?Link to plug

Don’t know either but I’ve been using 1for an ELectric Vehicle(EV) which pulls about 1500 watts and 3 electric heaters which pull about the same wattage for a while without issues…

That’s unfortunate on Lowes support because the manual on the site stated
"High-Quality, Latching Relay
The high-quality latching relay included in the Smart Plug is rated for loads
up to 12 amps. This allows users the ability to safely control loads from larger,
higher current devices like computers, monitors, TVs, coffee makers, and
large stereo systems."


I really did look and call… thanks so much… I have a space heater pulling 1500 watts and sometimes it will turn off with ActionTiles and sometimes it won’t. Trying to figure out why. Thought maybe I have an over load. 12 amps will handle 1440 watts at 120 volts or 1488 at 124 volts… um… seems very close… makes me running right at the peak of what it can handle.

This is the sort of thing I would never trust to an automated plug. Now you’ve validated, at least with one instance, my thinking.

Space heaters have their own built-in thermostats; set it correctly, and it will stop heating the space when the space has gotten to your comfort zone. No need for an ST automation to be involved. And when you are not using it, just like a toaster or hair dryer it ought (in the name of safety) be unplugged from the wall.

Sometimes, automation is nowhere near the optimal solution to something.

I fully understand your position… and I will tell you the steps I have taken… it shuts off at 30 minutes of running…period… and I have a motion detector under my desk that if there is no motion from my legs in a 5 minute period it turns off then also. Worked fine all last winter, but this winter acting fishy. Since I am running close to the max wattage I have already ordered a higher amp plug. The problem is I have to crawl under my desk to turn it off or on…so the tendency was to leave it on way too long. That was also a safety issue. It does have a thermostat… but it will turn off at temp, and I forget it is on and walk away… then I come back later and find it running.

In reading the specs, they’re pretty adamant that 12 amps never be exceeded. They even used an exclamation point which I’m sure a team of lawyers analyzed before it’s insertion into the document. 1500W is a lot for that device though. Good idea that you ordered a larger unit. Space heaters scare me.

I dunno. Seems the wave of the future is individual room control. We have it at work in some areas.
In winter, that’s nothing other than a big space heater.