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Sound Mirroring issue (75)

(Jeff Wenz) #1

Hi, I have a Samsung series 7 65" smart TV. I also have a Galaxy note 8. I can connect my phone to the TV and use my phone as a remote to control things like volume, channel, input/source, search, home. Pretty much the entire tiny remote. I can even mirror my phone to the tv. But when I go to the settings on the app and say play tv sound on phone it says can’t connect (and the what I think is error 75). I want to mirror the sound from my tv to my phone so that I can hear it when I am across the house but can still see the tv or be able to use my phone as the middleman to use my wireless headphones to hear the tv.

(Eric) #2

when all you have is a TV hammer then every forum looks like a TV nail

is this convergence?

(Sasquatch The Anarchist) #3

I am having a similar issue. I have an S8 Active and a Samsung 4K SmartTV When I project my phone to the tv, I get good video, but no sound whatsoever. I have switched the audio output from TV to phone, and can get sound through the phone but never the TV. Did you ever get a solution?