Sound Mirroring issue (75)

Hi, I have a Samsung series 7 65" smart TV. I also have a Galaxy note 8. I can connect my phone to the TV and use my phone as a remote to control things like volume, channel, input/source, search, home. Pretty much the entire tiny remote. I can even mirror my phone to the tv. But when I go to the settings on the app and say play tv sound on phone it says can’t connect (and the what I think is error 75). I want to mirror the sound from my tv to my phone so that I can hear it when I am across the house but can still see the tv or be able to use my phone as the middleman to use my wireless headphones to hear the tv.

when all you have is a TV hammer then every forum looks like a TV nail

is this convergence?

I am having a similar issue. I have an S8 Active and a Samsung 4K SmartTV When I project my phone to the tv, I get good video, but no sound whatsoever. I have switched the audio output from TV to phone, and can get sound through the phone but never the TV. Did you ever get a solution?

It would be nice if someone helped, mine worked for days with no problem then it just stopped. Reset everything and no luck.

This forum was started several years ago So that customers who had the smartthings hub could help other customers. It’s not officially monitored by Samsung support.

There’s a different forum on the Samsung site which is an official support channel for Samsung appliances and television, and in which Samsung employees participate.

So you will probably get your best answers for Samsung brand appliances, televisions, and soundbars if you post over there. It’s worth a try, anyway.

Get Help - Samsung Community

Thanks I’ll try.

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Mine works again but not because of the post that other use sent you. Ever since my phone updated to Android Pie I haven’t had any issues with casting or streaming (unless there was something wrong with my actual internet or router). So I would suggest restarting your router or see if you can update your phone. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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