Sound machine with Smart things?

Hello, I’m looking to get away from Amazon and Alexa, and not use my Google home for smart things voice control, so instead I’ve purchased a Samsung tablet dedicated to being a smart things controller. I want to set up a button that I can press before I go to sleep, which would turn off the bedroom ceiling light, and play a sound machine. The problem is how can I set up a sound machine? There is currently No smart things compatible sound machines from what I’ve seen. Would it be possible to Have that button control the Tablet to tell it to play a saved audio to a speaker somehow? Or is there a smart things compatible sound machine I’ve missed? Yes I could do this with my Google home, but then I would have to tell it to play this audio on top of turning off my lights from the tablet. Currently with my Alexa I say goodnight, and it does both those things automatically, and plays from itself.

My kids both have sound machines in their room; one is a Dohm with a hard switch, the other is a LectroFan that has soft buttons but remembers the previous state. They’re each plugged into a smart outlet. Works great.

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I don’t know why I forgot about a plug if the device has a hard switch. I might have to do that then. The dohm one is not rain though which is what I’m used to, but I’ll have to check those out they do have some good prices. Thanks