Sony Bravia @Amazon Echo integration?

This guy is able to use his alexa to control his Sony TV. He never posted a tutorial but I’m a nube with http, github, amazon lambda etc. Does anyone know how to do this?!

This is cool , but … You will have much better luck with a harmony home and Echo integration. Harmony is is a much less elegant solution but works on all the components of your home entertainment system without all the custom programming. I have routines setup to watch TV, watch Apple tv, inside music pandora, outside music pandora… I will be adding inside/outside music DOT which will allow me to control the playlist via DOT…

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I like the harmony option! Seems very cool but I guess I am trying to avoid getting an ir blaster for reasons of not having to get ANOTHER device when I have am alexa and smartthings hub already. It seems like they have their code set up pretty well sending the https commands and I think getting a little copy and paste going would be cool to mimic their functionality. Anyone use amazon lambda etc. to set stuff up like this?

The problem is that currently Echo can’t communicate directly with other devices on your LAN. What you get back from Echo has to go to an internet based HTTPS server. That is way more crap to set up than a Hub, not to mention opening up ports on your router to the outside world.

While I (and many others) would love for Echo to support a bridge to the LAN like SmartThings’ sendHubCommand, I am not even sure that the current hardware would support it (although I’d be surprised if it didn’t).

So for now your choices are:
1.) Harmony Integration
2.) Virtual Switches in SmartThings and HAM Bridge (if you have a Mac lying around).
3.) Creating an Alexa Skill, opening up your router, obtaining a static public IP from your ISP (or a DynDNS setup), putting a certificate in place, and setting up some form of HTTPS server to forward commands to your gear via another scripting tool like PHP or Python.

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Option 3 method in the YouTube video seems that he used amazon lambda Web services as the server in which you didn’t need to use local server for our create a certificate

You don’t understand… The skill is parked on lambda, but the response is sent to his js.node server, which also needs to be published on the net.


I actually do NOT understand since I am a huge nube at this in particular, but learn quickly. Can you explain it in laymens terms for me? The lambda website says a certificate is not needed and that I can code in node.js or python. Reading through the lambda website makes it seem like I won’t need all those.

The part I am stuck on/wondering if there is a work around, is if why I would need a static IP/opening up my router. It seems like the lambda functions will help to prevent having to do that with all scripting tools in one place. Here are the links I’ve been reading

Here’s where I need some basic explaining if you have the time

You CAN park a skill solely on Lambda, IF you want to return your response from there. But if you want to return it to a device on your LAN, you’ll need a server there (exposed to the net).


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Alexa now can control Bravia directly, if the Bravia is a new-ish Android TV.
Just go to the Skills area, find it, and follow the instructions. On/off, channel, volume controls.