Sonos sound levels in modes?

(Engelwood) #1

Set up a mode yesterday evening for “cooking”. We spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen and so this mode should come in handy.

I have it set to do make a few changes which I’ve listed below:

Turn on these lights or switches:

kitchen dimmer1
kitchen dimmer2
Kitchen on/off
Family Room Dimmer

Set Dimmers to this level:


Everything works great except the Sonos. SmartThings see the Sonos sound level as a dimmer and cranks the volume all the way up to 80%.

I’m wondering if there is another way to accomplish this without startling the neighbors with my choice in music?

(Ben Edwards) #2

You’ll want to use the Sonos Mood Music SmartApp. That allows you to play a song or station when any number of things happens, including Mode changes.

(Engelwood) #3

Knew it was something simple! Thanks!