Set different dimmer levels for multiple switches when changing modes?

I see where I can change the mode and set the dimmer levels. But, that sets the same level for all dimmers I actuate on the mode change. That is not very helpful as some lights should be brighter and others darker to “set the mood” properly. One part of this sounds like a feature request, which I will make separately.

On the other hand, until the functionality is native to the ST, how can I possibly do this when changing a mode? For example, when I change to Party mode, I would like to have dimmer1 set to 70%, dimmer2 set to 30%, and dimmer3 set to 50%.

I’d love to know this too, I was trying to figure it out recently and got nowhere…yet another argument for proper scene management support.

It’s a pretty basic app that you can write. If you go into the IDE and then My SmartApps, and work your way through creating a new SmartApp (fill in the first screen then hit Create), you will find a button called Browse SmartApps, in the upper right hand corner. There you can find many examples of apps. I’ve written one that allows for two different dimmer settings for two different groups of dimmers. I had one at first that allowed three different dimmer settings, but never used the third dimmer level. You can install an app to have different dimmer settings based on the Mode, simply by installing it multiple times each enabled for a particular mode or modes. So, you switch to Party Mode, then turn on a master dimmer, which is either a real one or a virtual one, and then the app turns on all the other dimmers to the preset levels.

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