Sonos Players out of Sync


I have eight Sonos devices and over time their IP addresses have changed and I think that is why what is labeled as one player in ST is now another. I know I should moved to static addresses but for now I don’t want to mess with that.

How can I easily remap the Sonos devices in ST? I tried to opening the Sonos Connect app but that did nothing. I want to avoid deleting and re-adding them if possible so I don’t have to go adding them back to apps, etc.


(Greg) #2

My suggestion is to set the static IPs, reboot your router, install a second sonos connect app - name the NEW duplicate sonos found with their old name + “new” at the end.

Then open the old sonos devices in ST - go to smart app view - then simply switch from the old to the new for each app.

When you are done - delete the old sonos devices, the old Sonos Connect and then rename the new versions of the device by deleting “new”


Well, having just updated the iOS app Sonos Connect has gone away due to Super Lan Connect replacing it so it looks like I will have to delete and re-add.