Sonos Notify with dual triggers



I know this is an old thread. But i have a similar question regarding Sonos Notify. if i want two triggers to happen before the the sound plays, is there a way to do that? ie if i want the arrival of my phone “and” door opening to play a sound etc. Basically my question is by selecting multiple triggers is the code written as an “and” or “or” command.

(Bobby) #2

Two words Rule Machine…(and you’re done in 10 seconds)!


Interesting, but do you know if the standard SmartApps like Sonos Notify are written as “and” or “or” commands to trigger an event? I will play with the rule machine.
Thank you

(Kurt Sanders) #4

You will find a love-hate relationship with SmartThings and Sonos, as the crude integration that all SmartApps provide crushes all previous partymode-volume-playback-mute-alarm settings in the Sonos just to play the TextToSpeech…

SmartThings development could easy fix it using a snapshot & restore as others are doing on non SmartThings integrations, but they assume we users don’t care about being nice to a uPNP system after we get done crushing it. :smiling_imp: