Multiple Inputs

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to have multiple preferences for one outcome. I am looking for my app to see my girlfriends presence sensor arrive and then wait until she opens the door before playing a message on my sonos. I’ve looked into timed responses but it’s not always accurate.

I’m new to coding so i may be missing something easy.


Have you take a look at rule machine?


Rule machine is by far the best app for smartThings.

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I use Rule Machine to create two rules, one turns on a virtual switch as well as unlock the doors, turn on lights, etc. when I arrive. The second rule is tripped by a motion sensor or contact but it first checks to see if the virtual switch is on before saying “Welcome home!”. It also turns off the virtual switch so that it’s ready for next time. There are probably better ways to do it but this works for me and I can set up rules for different people.

Just found the ‘and/or’ function. Cheers

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