Sonos Notify on Event - not wokring

I set up sonos Labs and 4 sonos players about a year ago. It was working great up until two months ago. I had it tell me when a door in my house was opened. I’ve completely removed all the old apps and reapplied them. (I’ve done this once before with success) yet this time, I can’t get them working again. I’m not doing anything special. Just using the Smartthings app. Help?

We’re looking into this. We apologize that it isn’t working as expected.

Hey Tim, It started working about an hour after I set it up. Now all my doors announce they are open. I guess problem solved? I’ll post here the next time it starts acting funky. thanks!

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It actually is still broken. If you use a set of text that has been said before, the back-end process sends you the MP3 file already created for that. New text (or dynamic text) that has to be ‘translated’ for the first time from text to speech is still broken:(

Good to know. Thanks :smile:

Hey Tim,

Folks are starting to contact me directly about my Talking Alarm Clock app because of the whole TextToSpeech API issue. Is there any progress on this? Something I can tell those who contact me? Behind the scenes, I sense since this wasn’t corrected quickly that there is something a bit more difficult to fix than some sort of change in code. Can you share with me, just for my own edification?

I noticed today that new custom messages are only working if they are no longer that two words. “Come upstairs” worked, but “come upstairs please” does not…

I can’t even complete configuring the app. Anyone else have this problem? I get a mainpage error.

I’m having the same issue.

i’m getting an exception error @ line 413 anytime I go above 1 word.