Sonos ~ "Failed to save page: mainPage" error when trying to add a new SmartApp

I am completely unable to trigger the Sonos to play anything based on a motion sensor, time of day, etc. I’ve tried getting custom messages to play at certain times, playlists to play based on motion sensor triggers and I just keep getting that error message when trying to save them. I tried to get the weather report feature to work - also a no go. What is the issue? How do I fix it? Is there another approach to this? One of the reasons I chose a Sonos speaker was because of its integration with SmartThings and I am unable to make it work.

I have a ticket in through support for the same thing. I have tried everything I know to do and still get the same message.

I was able to have it tell me when my door is open. But when I tried to set it up to tell me something based off the mode changing and I get the same error as you stated above.

I am brand new to SmartThings and had been holding out on getting my home automation started until the new hub was available. I received it 2 days ago. I just have 2 motion sensors and my Sonos so far. Everything about it (in theory) is awesome, but theory is not my reality yet. I hope that this is being worked on! I’ll submit something under support as well if it helps. I’m really looking forward to it performing as I had hoped it would after researching it for a year prior to purchasing. Please share any updates or fixes you hear of!

I’m having the same issue. I did notice it occurs with any custom message with more than three syllables. For instance, “Hello World!” works, but “Hello Everyone” gives the error.

Interesting. I changed my custom message to “Good Day” and did not see the error pop up, but I’m curious to see if it will actually work now when I get home. Even if I removed the message altogether though and just told it to play from a playlist last night, it would not comply.

It seems I can type in a dew words, but not many. I don’t understand. When My door opens, I have it set to say “The Front Door is Open”. But when I want it to speak when a mode changes, it won’t even say “It’s time for bed. I’ve set the alarm and lowered the temp”

Yes, it is very glitchy and I haven’t figured out specifically what causes the bugs to pop up. I guess for now, I have to be grateful that it does perform the basic operations I wanted it to perform. I’m surprised they even exist after I waited SO long for the release of this hub because they didn’t want to prematurely release it with problems…

The Sonos custom messages feature is broken. There are at least two other threads that talk about this (see below). @Slagle any more progress on this issue?

Progress yes. Shareable news, no :frowning:

We are talking about this though and it is a top issue for us right now.


That’s great news, thanks for your update!

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Thanks for the update. I am a bit surprised this was not a high priority before. This problem started showing up a long time ago. Please fix it as soon as possible. I have a lot riding on Sonos custom notification.

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@slagle is there any update on this??. I’ve invested a lot of money in Sonos with the new V2 hub and I’m just so disappointed that this feature is broken.

It’s one of the official ST advertisement videos which showcase this feature and it was one of the selling points for me.

Please let me know if there is a fix coming.

Bump… My Smarthings V2 hub has been sitting in a box ever since I purchased it via pre-order but finally decided to bring it out to play around with. Assuming the TTS is dependent upon GoogleTTS or otherwise that is causing issues…why not allow for playing custom mp3 or wave files or perhaps even connecting to a local TTS service?

Aside from not functioning…it looks like this has some nice potential!