Sonos not discovered - can't add

Hi everybody!

am I the only one that isn’t able to add any Sonos?
I got a surround (2x Play 1 - Soundbar - Sub), a ConnectAmp and a Play 5.
Lan is the same for the flat (192.168.1.XXX /…tried to disconnect, reboot, nothing.
The hub just can’t find one…

somebody maybe came across to it as well? :dizzy_face:

MANY THANKS! :slight_smile:

I ran into this issue when I had things in different VLANs. The ST hub, Sonos and the device you’re playing from all need to be in the same VLAN. Once I got that straightened out everything worked perfect.

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Many thanks Christopher.
Unfortunately there’s no Vlan or managed switch. Is just a normal a router, plus a small 8 ports netgear switch…
so a very simple network.

Thanks again

No solution but I have 4xPlay:1 and 1xSub connected but my Play:3 just won’t discover…