Sonos issues with Custom Greetings

Hi All,

3 questions and issues.
Just recently purchased Play 5 and loving it! But I am having issues on getting my Sonos to action correctly. I have my setup to automatically perform goodnight, good morning, etc and change the modes to Night, Home etc. I have my hub configured in the Sonus Notify with Sound app with custom greetings and I am having issues such as that when my mode updates to HOME, ( which I have set up to say “Good Morning”), my Sonos outputs…

1.- Good Morning and followed by music which cuts off about 5 seconds after
2.- Music automatically plays without the greeting and cuts off about 5 seconds later…
( to keep in mind that I have no music currently playing when and not sure why music is trying to play…)

  1. Also, I’ve tried to configure 2 actions under 2 separate instances with a GoodMorning Greeting configured when “system change mode” to HOME and to play the current weather also configured when “system change mode” to HOME the output on my Sonos is…
  • Music playing and again cuts off after about 5 seconds later…

But when i reconfigure to play my current weather by MOTION, it outputs only the Weather and does not Play “GoodMorning”

Any ideas?


I have the same issue so would like feedback as well on this

anyone have any ideas on this issue? thanks

use big talker for everything other than weather.

ok thanks for the advise. I will try it out

Hi Greg,

installed the APP and configured it and does not work for me.

If you elaborate on what is not working I might be able to help. The app does work so I assume perhaps you installed incorrectly? I’d start with a fresh install.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve reinstalled it again, and doesn’t seem to work, or maybe I am probably doing something wrong. My basic configs are below on testing out 1 trigger. Am I missing an extra configuration item from my basic configs below?

Switch Group 2
-Talk with these text to speech devices (default) = Sonus speaker
Switch = Kitchen Light Switch
Say this when turned on = Kitchen light on
Say this when turned off = Kitchen light off

are you copying from git hub raw? are you seeing logging?

yes from git hub raw. and sorry, what do you mean if i see logging? pretty new to smartthings.

Log into the ide and view the commands being sent. (link near the top that says developers) I still think perhaps you have an installation issue rather than an app issue because it works fine for me.

ok thanks. yes I am seeing logs from the big talker app.

I corrected an issue with Switch Groups among many other added features and bugfixes in the latest version 1.1.0 located here: . Give it a shot if you don’t mind and let me know if it works correctly for you now. I recommend removing your current version before updating the code and reinstalling.