Sonos finding extra devices / want to reinstall


I was happily using the sonos labs connection for our 3 house sonos. I was recently configuring some new actions - trying out the daily weather forecast etc. which was working fine, but after about 2 weeks of it working, it seems to have given up the ghost.

I thought maybe my auth had expired or something, so I remove the sonos labs and all the sonos devices from my smartthngs app with the intention of re-adding them all and seeing if that helped. When I go to re-add the sonos now, it finds 4 sonos - 2 with the same name (the names I had previously given the devices at that). There’s only 3 in the house.

Is it caching the data somewhere? Do I need to do something more manual to flush my device list of these old devices so I can get the smartthings app to only get my 3 sonos? I’d rather not have to do something that means flushing all of my devices and configurations, since I’ve got quite a few going now.

The sonos that I uninstalled are gone, as correctly expected, from:

Also, anyone else finding the sonos control connections being flakey (similar to mine giving up playing the daily weather message)?

Do you any of these as grouped/paired? Or are you using a BOOST?

I’ve had this same thing happen. Did you reserve your Sonos devices with their MAC addresses? That stopped it for me.

@greg did you reserve the mac address with your router or smart things?

Router 1234567891011

I have the Mac addresees reserved too. But it thinks BOOST is also a Sonos player… So, to get around I did not select the BOOST and the grouoed Sonos in the Sonos connect. So, no duplicates for me. Family Rrom (which I fact are two grouped) and master bedroom.

Ah. You know, I totally forgot we have a sonos sub, too - just assumed it was associated as part of the bar in the living room where it lives and wouldn’t show up alone. I guess that’s the 4th one that’s showing up as a duplicate of the “Living Room” sonos?

I haven’t reserved the MAC addresses, so I guess I’ll give that a whirl for keeping them connected to the system.

The systems get grouped/paired on an ad-hoc basis - some days all 3 players are grouped to play music throughout the house, other days they’re used individually. I guess the sub and bar are technically always paired.

No Boost.

I don’t want to sound too stupid but how do you reserve a mac address? I know how to reserve an IP address but not a mac address.

Good call on the sub and associated speakers. I was wondering why I was getting 4 different living room speakers… it is the playbar, sub and 2 surrounds. I need to refine and group those I think.

You reserve a Mac address means you have a fixed IP address for your wireless and dhcp clients. All your devices have a Mac address. So, whenever you reboot your routers, all devices(which as its own Mac address, will get the same ip you have assigned via your router.