Sonos Driver Limitations

Sonos has made the Play 1 speakers, One/One SL speakers, and the newest is the Era 100/300. The ST app will successfully connect to all of them but it seems to only be able to control (play/pause/stop) the One/One SL. If the others are grouped to a One/One SL and the One/One SL is used as the control, then all speakers can be controlled, as a group. It seems the Sonos driver has not caught up to the Sonos product line. I know of no other driver that works with Sonos. I’ve never been able to play a message from the app.

Also, if a speaker is used in a routine, do I need to select Media Playback AND Play a Favorite or just Play a Favorite? I can’t seem to get the Play a Favorite to work.

(Galaxy S23+, all updates applied.)