Multiple devices for Sonos Home Theater arrangement

I have a Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play1 speakers arranged as a home theater setup. ST discovers four devices all with the same name “Living Room Sonos”. Only the Playbar responds to commands, so how do you identify it? Trial and error?

I will say do not sync more than two Sonos speakers to the Hub. I have Sonos everywhere and when I configured all my speakers with the hub, it slowed my system to a point that the response to the triggers used to take upto 5 or 10 min. e.g. The light will turn on 5 to 10 min after I click the icon in the app. The ST customer service suggested that I should not connect more than two Sonos to the system and that did the trick., They are working on the firmware issues that is causing this and hopefully I will be able to see all Sonos speakers working.

In your case, in a 5.1 setup, you will see all speakers showing individually due to firmware limitations, you should use the ones that is showing paused in your application, the rest of the speakers will show bridged and you can disable them in “Edit Properties”. Hope that helps.

I have the same setup. But weather announcements nor anything works with Sonos connect. I do have all of my 5.1 speakers selected. I found removing all but the one saying pauses didn’t make it work.

Any other ideas ? Or do I need to have a standalone Sonos ??