Sonos and Hue

Hey guys, I set up a routine for the morning to turn my sonos, hue lightstrip and kettle on. The only issue I have with it is that I would like the light strip to be fully lit up but my sonos to be quiet as I don’t want to wake the missus up. The only option I can see is “set dinners to this level” which seems to act on not the hue and sonos.

Is there any way around this?

i am pretty sure your kettle is not on a dimmer so the action should be switch. If it is plugged into a dimmer you need to remove this as it is an electrical hazard.
The only device that should be in the dimmer action is the Hue.
As for the sonos you can use the expert features section to add the play function where you can specify a volume level and you then use that in the custom command section of the actions.

You can have multiple different action types in the action section. You dont have to put them all in one action type as multiple are supported

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the reply. Where is the expert features section you mention? I would disagree with you with regards to the hue being the only device that dims, if I set the Dimmer level to 100 the sonos turns on at 100% volume. Also, I would be very impressed if any kettle would work on a dimming switch.

expert feature’s is one of the very last options when looking at the list of rules in the Rule machine parent app. just scroll down the full list of your rules and you will see it there.

Is the rule machine in the smartthings app and if so where?

Are you familiar with the ide? You’ll have to install RM manually. You quickly find that most advanced automations that require more logic are not possible with the built in ST apps. The community created smartapps are what makes ST shine. RM is all I really use now, whatever you think of it can most likely do.

If you have any questions about setting up rules check out this thread.

Hi jay, I’m not familiar with ide to be honest. Do I need to use it on my laptop or mobile? Where can I download it from.

Sorry to be such a noob.

No problem we all have to start somewhere. The ide login is.

Read the 1st post of the RM thread I posted. Your gonna be creating a parent (rule machine) child (rule) smartapp by copying and pasting the code. I’m gonna tag @JDRoberts on this, he’s really good at these getting started posts. There’s a post about getting started with code I believe. Sry at work right now.

Start with the custom code FAQ. It will give you an overview of the process and should explain a lot of things.

Then go back and read the rule machine instructions, and it should make a lot more sense. :sunglasses:

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Thx I knew you had that link :grinning:

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Sorry guys it been a busy Easter holiday, thanks for jumping in.

I first saw this thread on my phone and I though the screenshot was a rule screenshot and not grab from the routines setup.

So yes I suggested Expert features thinking you were already using Rule Machine sorry about that. But I do recommend this as your solution as it’s Swiss Army knife of SmartThings definately a tool that suits 95% of most people automations including what you are trying to achieve. So worth persevering with to learn how to use custom code, because only then can you fulfill the truly Smart Home with ST

Hey guys,

Thanks for all you help with this matter. I’m going to have a go at getting this IDE thing around my head. I had a glance at it last night and it looks a little daunting. I did have a play with it but found that when i published something to myself i couldn’t find it in my app.

Will try again tonight.

Edit: Managed to get the app to show in the “my apps” area, I just went clicking mad on the ide page and it just happened. Lol.