Sonos and bathroom and zwave switch

qHi All,

ive started to build out a multiroom audio system using sonos.

Id like to extend the system to a bathroom, im in the UK so powering a play 1 from the bathroom itself isnt possible and for various reasons running passive speakers from a connect amp isnt possible either.

ive decided to explore using a sonos connect and external amp and bluetooth transmitter to shift the audio to bluetooth speakers in the bathroom and then use a zwave power plug and accompanying battery powered switch to toggle the amp on or off.

sonos connect -> external powered amp(can be powered. off by zwave switch) -> bluetooth transmitter

the reason for putting the amp between the connect and the bluetooth trasnmitter is so i can shut off the output to the speakers without havimg to deal with the bluetooth re-pairing when its switched back on, the transmitter would be always paired to the speakers and would remain on all the time.

Does anyone forsee any issues with this setup?

id also use same connect and a second mini amp and run some passive speakers i(again to be powered on/off through zwave mains plug) to effectively create two virtual zones … at least the expense of the connect is powering two rooms that way…the bedroom where the connect will be located and the bathroom bluetooth speakers



Not addressing your specific questions but perhaps an alternative.

Can you not drop a mains line in from the attic or another room - just not have the outlet in the bathroom?

I live in the US but I’m from the UK so I do appreciate the issue. My solution may not be fully in code but the mains connector and Play:1 itself are at least humidity resistant and can be used safely in a bathroom.

I use a CONNECT in another scenario and it’s dreadfully expensive for what it does.


Thanks for the reply, sadly no attic. I could run from the adjourning bedroom but trying to keep things to code - but turning out to be expensive through sonos!


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Just an update for anyone browsing this thread in the future… i bit the bullet and bought the bits and peices to put this together. It works well so far…

  1. Sonos Connect
  2. Avantree aptX low latency Multipoint Bluetooth Transmitter
  3. DROK Mini stereo Audio Wireless Amp
  4. Two smart plugs
  5. Phono cable splitter

In sonos I have named the sonos connect zone ''Upstairs" and named the smart plugs “bathroom speaker” and “bedroom speaker”. The bedroom speaker fires up the mini amp and the bathroom one, the bluetooth transmitter…

Sonos Connect -> Splitter
Splitter -> Mini Amp
Splitter -> Bluetooth Transmnitter

I can then play music “upstairs” and decide which “virtual” zone I want it to play out of, either the bedroom and/or bathroom. Using alexa this works really well, e.g. I can say ‘turn on the bedroom speakers’ or ‘turn on the bathroom speakers’

I’m using a very cheap bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, but will eventually replace with an in ceiling speaker. There is obviously a delay between the natively connected sonos speakers and the bluetooth ones, but I don’t consider this an issue in a bathroom.

There isn’t anything to stop me adding other bluetooth spaekers in the same way.

Next weekend I’m having some additional relays installed behind some light switches including the bathroom. So I can then potentially tie these in to some routines, e.g. lights turned on, power on the virtual bathroom speaker zone. We have some smart scales, I listen to different music in the morning to my girlfriend and the scales know who is stood on them, maybe I can rig it up to choose the music depending on who stands on the scales!

I’m trying to get hold of an old CR100 sonos controller as these are supposed to be water resistent - could be a good way to control things from the bathroom itself.

Just an update incase anyone looks to do something simillar!