Sonoff ZigBee Mini Smart Switch

I bought a Sonoff ZigBee Mini Smart Switch, the model that requires a neutral wire. It is detected in SmartThings IDE as:

Name basic-switch
Type placeholder

The SmartThings app says the driver is:

Name ZigBee Switch
Developer SmartThings

However there are no options for this device, in the IDE I can’t see the route this device is connected to the hub like I can for other devices for example.

The problem is sometimes this device goes offline, when this happens sometimes turning it off for a while then back on fixes it, but other times it does not, am I have to fiddle, reset, etc to get it to work again.

I wondered whether there was a “better” DHT I should be using for this device? Ideally one that fixes it going offline. But it would be helpful to at least know what route it is using to connect to the hub. There are two other ZigBee devices very close to it, so I suspect it is going via them, but I don’t actually know. I thought this may help debug the disconnects. If it is going via the other devices (a couple of meters away) I don’t think it is distance.

It is a mild pain as the switch is used to turn on and off some lights on my terrace, the controller is in a plastic junction box under the terrace, so to mess around with it I have to take boards up, unscrew the junction box cover etc. I am looking for a solution that is very reliable/resilient. I don’t mind buying a different device if there is a better one folks here can recommend (it is to turn on and off some 230v string lights, they aren’t colour controlled, just a straight forward on/off required). I do have a much more expensive relay that controls a heated towel rail that handles large ampage, but for this scenario that seems an overkill (however the towel rail one has been rock solid for a couple of years now).

Thanks in advance. I found multiple topics on this forum that touch on Sonoff ZigBee devices but couldn’t find the answer to this question.

Placeholder means the device is using an Edge Driver and not a Groovy Device Handler. Both Groovy and IDE are in the process of being phased out which will happen soon. You will not be able to find Routing info for Edge devices.

so the question for if there is a better DTH is moot at this point. You can no longer install custom DTHs.

But, you should ask in the following thread if your device is supported by the community developed Edge Driver. You will probably have better luck using it.


You should try using @Mariano_Colmenarejo “ZigBee Switch Mc” Edge Driver. He made some modifications to make the Sonoff ZBMINI work properly.

Thank you, I use a custom DHT for the relay that handles my towel rail, as without it, the relay was basically not functional. I guess this means I am going to have to find an edge replacement at some point. I will have to look into how this new system works, ie how I hse custom edge drivers etc

Thank you, I will look into this.