Sonoff with LED adapter

Hi all,

I want to connect a sonoff basic to an LED strip, link below: -

I want to disregard the manual switch supplied and add a Sonoff basic wifi swtich (flashed). My question is can this be done if so, out of the two black wires, how can I work out which is live and neutral? You can see the switch I want to cut off in the picture.

I would appreciate any comments. I have bought these items and they are arriving tomorrow.

Anyone please?

are you talking about this switch?

It’s for cutting off the 12VDC of the adapter output so you can not use the Sonoff basic because it’s a high voltage device. What you could do is hook the light power adaptor to the Sonoff basic.

Hi sorry new round here,

yes it can be done, but you will need to use a conventional 240v relay.
Connect the relay inline then connect your sonoff to the relay to provide 240v power to the relay Trigger…

DO NOT Connect your 240v Sonoff directly inline between wall socket and LEDS, best case you’ll put it between the transformer and lights and it wont have enough power to power on…
Worst case you remove the transformer and add your own 240v plug and boom…