Somfy or other manufacturer's shades

Hi all!

Hope someone can give me some insight on this…

Summer’s coming up and wife says it’s time to install motorised shades on some windows…

Obviously we’re both thinking ST integration AND offline usage…

I’m worried about HOW to install the shades… given that the ZRTSI interface ISN’T available in European frequencies…

And she’s worried about the usage if say, the net falls down… how can we pull up (or down) the shades if there’s no internet connection?

Ideas? Thoughts?


Every commercially available solution is too rich for my blood. All that I require is blind tilting which can be done with a cheap servo.

I’m embarking on a Particle (Spark) Photon controlled servos to interface with the blind tilting mechanism.

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I see that! Thanks! But that… unfortunately… is too techie for me! lol! can’t even solder 2 cables together myself! :open_mouth: :smiley:

That’s why I have friends. :wink:

I’m terrible at soldering.

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Hey! I just saw this… would it be too hard to integrate with ST?

Hi Daniel. I’m not using this myself (yet), but I know a bunch of others talk about it on the forums. Check here - Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)

Hey Brice! I’d love to use that, but Somfy will not sell that device with European Zwave freqs… :frowning: so I’m stuck with other options… that’s why I asked about the Universal RTS Serial interface… :smile: