Some REALLY weird behaviour with a Aeotec Nano Dimmer

G’day all.

I have been having some really weird behaviour from a Aeotec Dimmer and WallSwipe lately.

For NO apparent reason, it keep turning on and dimming to really weird values with no user input from an app or physically. I usually wouldn’t care so much but it is our bedroom light so it gets damn annoying when it happens during the middle of the night!

I have two other setup’s identical to this and they do not suffer the same problem.

Any ideas on how t trouble shoot this problem?

Any help appreciated !

Bald_noggin aka Col.

If it’s not coming from smartthings you might want to contact Aeotec.

Thanks @sidjohn1.

I have lodged a support ticket with Aeotec.

Smartthings is definitely not sending any command and it appears that it might actually be the WallSwipe causing the issue.


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