Soma SmartHome Retrofit Blinds controller?

As I mentioned before, we have vertical blinds in the living room, and I had pretty much given up hope of automating them. But I came across a video by a guy who was able to automate both tilting and fully opening vertical blinds using 2 Soma Smarthome motors. These have both a manufacturer-provided Homekit Integration and a manufacturer-provided smartthings Integration, provided you have their “smarthome connect“ Wi-Fi bridge. So that looks pretty interesting. Reviews all indicate that a lot of the problems with the first generation device have been solved with the second generation device, so that’s good.

These aren’t cheap, about $120 on sale for the motor and another $49 for the Wi-Fi bridge. (They say you only need one bridge no matter how many blinds you have.) And you’ll need two motors for each window if you have vertical blinds. but they aren’t terrible, and way cheaper than getting actual smart blinds for a sliding door size vertical blind.

I was just curious if anyone is using these with the smartthings integration. :thinking:


Here’s the link to the website:

And their support page on the smartthings Integration:

And the video from the guy using them with vertical blinds. His examples are for HomeKit, but you should be able to do the same thing with smartthings, maybe even better since you could put in a delay between one motor and the other.