SOLVED: What command in Echo Speaks will cause the Alexa Device to RESUME playing whatever it was doing before I sent it the Pause command?

I’m trying to create a very simple automation in webCoRE.

I want it to pause the current playback on my Echo Dot when a given switch turns OFF.
[That part is easy, because there is a ‘Pause’ command in Echo Speaks when I’m working in webCoRE]

I also want it to resume playing whatever it was playing before the pause when that same switch turns ON.
[However, there isn’t just a simple ‘Resume’ command for Echo Speaks in webCoRE]

I tried using ‘Resume Track…’, but it didn’t do as I expected. i.e. I assume it didn’t do what I want, because it appears to need more data to go on (i.e. the name of a track), but I don’t want to have to put the name of a track in there, and simply want it to resume whatever was playing previously.

Is this where actually reading the documentation would come in handy?
Like, is there a specific command or piece of text to enter in at that point to make it resume ‘whatever’?
I will go take a look, but if somebody comes in here and sets me straight in the meantime, all the better. lol

p.s. In this case, the Alexa device in question is not being used for anything else between my initial Pause command and my desired Resume command. I just want to be able to Pause it, let it sit for however long, and then Resume it.


Actually, I figured out a simpler way of doing it.
So, nevermind. :wink:

This is an excellent use case for actions Companion

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My solution was to simply use the ‘Toggle Playback’ command.
i.e. I was (once again) trying to build something way more complex than what was actually needed. lol