Sonos: Pause when leave home / Resume when get home?


I have linked my sonos to my smartthings account.
I’d like to pause the music when I leave home, and re-start it when I arrive home.
Is this possible? Would webcore be able to do that? I haven’t seen a “Resume” command

WebCoRE is very capable of this automation, or you could add the Sonos speakers to your “goodbye” and “I’m back” routines. The speakers show up as switches, so, on=play and off=pause.

Unfortunately the off command STOPS sonos, not pause. Very annoying for resuming a playlist on return. It will play from the beginning every time.

Turns out Stringify can do this. A lot better than smartthings actually. You just set up (for 2 people for example) a “WHEN this person leaves, ONLY IF other person is ‘away’” then pause sonos speaker. And then add the same command the other way around, for if the other person leaves when the first person is already away. And there you have a very useful Stringify flow! Shame smartthings doesn’t have more functionality built in.